This is a little speeded up film of me decorating a tile mural. The mural depicts a family seated around a picnic table surrounded by all the animals they have on the family farm. I don’t usually paint on the floor but the dimensions and the detail required meant it was easier to lay it out on my studio floor than on my usual table.

This hand painted ceramic plate was painted by Kate as a personalised present. If you would like Kate to create something special for you please pop along to the Hand Painted Plates Page to find out how. Many thanks to Bensound for the lovely music which accompanies this piece.

This fun family plate was hand painted from some notes about the family and some photos of each individual. Kate crafts individual pieces based on these notes.

A Conversation with Kate Glanville, author of A Perfect Home, Heartstones and the new Stargazing. Recorded at Octavo’s Book Cafe & Wine Bar.